FlexiChair BackSupport Office Chair BS8

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FlexiChair BackSupport Office Chair BS8

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Ergonomic design

How long have you not been sitting in a comfortable chair? Our chair has the ergonomic design, which is more suitable for people who have to work for a very long time. The fabric and design reduce the stress and numbness of long-term work and make people feel more comfortable. Sitting on it can give you a more comfortable experience.

Breathable material

The chair is made of breathable material, which is more scientific and reasonable for the user. The fabric won't mold easily, nor will it cause the odor, which definitely gives users a more comfortable experience.


Comfortable seat

The W-shaped design reduces pressure on your buttocks when you sit. The foam rubber filled in it is elastic and cannot be deformed or sink in after sitting for a long time.

Swing function

With the swing function, with which you can feel more comfortable and satisfied. It can make the stiff posture easier and offer more flexibility. If you sit on it, this feature can also bring you a different experience than the nominal chairs.

Foldable armrest

Designed with flip up armrests which are considered more comfortable and flexible. It offers more flexibility in storage than the normal function of the chair. And it can also help you save a lot of space.

Adjustable height

The height of the chair can be easily adjusted which is convenient. The user can adjust the chair to any height within a certain range and feel more comfortable. The height adjustment can allow users to adjust to the desks.

Adjustment knob for the tightness of the backrest

Turn the knob to adjust the tilt back tightness. This button design fully reflects the ergonomic design.

The castors

The rollers are wrapped with PU. They run noiselessly on the parquet and do no harm at all.

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