ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3

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ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3



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  • Weight Capacity:20KG
  • Height range from 15-50cm
  • Straight up and down movement 
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The Difference Between M1,M2 and M3
Model M1 M2 M3
Price £229.99 £279.99 £279.99
Height Range 15-50cm 15-50cm 15-50cm
Length 68cm 89cm 119cm
Load Capacity 16KG 16KG 20KG
Keyboard Tray Length 68cm 87.5cm 87.5cm
  • M1 Dimensions
  • M2 Dimensions
  • M3 Dimensions

Improve your posture while you work

Whether standing up or sitting down, you’ll find that every detail of the ClassicRiser is designed to prevent slouching and help you maintain a comfortable and ergonomical correct posture.Offer ample space for a full-sized keyboard, mouse and mousepad while also providing adequate room for healthy wrist positioning.

sit-stand desk workstations

Space-saving vertical adjustments

Saving valuable space in your workstation and offering better stabilization when lifting and lowering.Taking up extra space in your workstation and reducing the likelihood they might topple forward.

sit-stand desk workstations

Switch from sitting to standing with ease

It takes little effort to transition from sitting to standing — even with the maximum 20 KG desktop load. Just lightly squeeze the single hand bar and lift using only 5.9 KG of force. Lowering requires just 1.36 KG of force.

sit-stand desk workstations