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Desktop Details and Dimensions

  • All laminate tops are 2.5cm thick
  • Rectangle Material: Chipboard
  • Curved Material:Medium-density Fiber
  • Rectangle120*60cm
  • Rectangle140*70cm
  • Curved140*70cm

Add more character to your gaming setup

Get the ultimate gaming workstation with an adjustable height desk that rises to 125 cm. With it, you can stand and stretch without having to leave the game. A quick press is all it takes to get the desk moving to your preferred height without any noise or wobbling. A gaming desk with a smooth and sleek finish, it promises precise mouse tracking capabilities. The black eco-friendly desktop blends with most gaming gears in the market so you can achieve a modern and minimalist aesthetic. Expect 100 percent performance from this cutting-edge gamer's desk.

Stand, Stretch Your Legs
And Still Stay In The Game.

Even while leveling, press the power height adjustable button, and the gaming desk rises up or down at 2.3cm per second to one of 250 different height positions. Standing breaks give a ton of bonuses like improved mood, concentration, creativity and focus. Also, medical researchers have found that standing a few times per hour is better than once-a-day exercise so you and your character can both buff up. Elevate your game.

Elevate Your Monitor And Your Gaming Skills

with Flexispot monitor arms. Clear off desk space and fluidly reposition the screen for improved eye comfort and focus. Single or dual monitor arms keep the gaming desk as pristine as a character on a winning streak.

Achieve Ultimate Focus

Keep cables organized and out of sight. Cords are snaked through the cable pass-through then bundled in the Cable Management Tray. Wires stay off the floor and out of your mind to put the focus on domination.

Follow in your footsteps

Save desk and floor space for a clean, organized work area. The Flexispot CPU Mount’s space-saving design easily adjusts to fit most PCs, from 70mm-203mm wide, and swivels 360° to give you convenient access to rear CPU ports.

  • Height:363mm-565mm
  • Width:70mm-203mm
  • Maximum weight: 20K.G.

Relieving your stress starts with your feet

Science has proven that standing periodically throughout the day can provide a myriad of health benefits. The perfect standing mat should be the right balance firmness and softness to ensure your feet have the correct amount of support without sacrificing comfort.

  • Active, spring-like energy returnt
  • Provides right amount of stability and support
  • Maximizes standing comfort
  • Friendly, inert and nontoxic materials


The Flexispot ergonomic platform delivers the perfect keyboard and mouse position during standing and sitting. Eye, arm, shoulder and neck fatigue are reduced. It’s the key to staying comfortable all day long.Independent adjustment of the distance between your monitor and keyboard is easy.Simply push, slide and store under Flexispot when desired. Made from high strength steel with a platform that perfectly matches the desktop.


Casters turn your Flexispot desk into a mobile workstation. Oversized 4 wheels are built with solid steel axels and soft, durable polyurethane tires for smooth, even rolling on all surfaces. The casters swivel easily and quickly lock into place when you reach your desired location. With automated height adjustment, a future-proof expandable frame and smooth rolling casters, Flexispot desk adapts to your every need.

A fully adjustable standing desk that doesn't
break the bank