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  • Are FlexiSpot height adjustable standing desks as sturdy as traditional desks?
Absolutely! Our height-adjustable standing desks feature thick steel that supports the desk’s maximum load capacity. Thanks to rigorous engineering, we have successfully minimized gaps and optimized the overlap between the casings. We also inserted high-quality glides to further enhance stability. Then, we added durable, high-quality feet beneath both legs. All of this ensures that our desks adjust smoothly and remain stable at every height level.

  • Can I set the height to the level I want or is it preset?

Absolutely. You can use the programmable keypad on our electric height-adjustable desks to set your desired height level when sitting or standing. You can also use the Up & Down buttons to make changes to the height as desired.

  • How durable are FlexiSpot standing desks?

Our desks are built to last, and we have the durability tests to prove it. During our development and testing process, we raise and lower our desks more than 20,000 times with zero sign of breakdown. As an added bonus, we back our frames with a hassle-free 5-year warranty. Our electrical components come with a 3-year warranty.

  • How to choose a standing desk?

Please check out this buyer guide for products details.

  • Does my height matter When choosing a desk?

We made a calculator especially for our custmers.Please check out this ergonomic calculator for details.

  • Besides EG8, can glass tabletop be used for other frames?

No. The Glass tabletop is only suitable for EG8.

  • Can the keypad be installed on either the left or the right side?


  • Can the L-shaped desk frame be installed with the L shape on either the right or  the left side?

Yes, the flexible design lets you install the L shape on either side.

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