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5 Hot Tips to Avoid Bad Standing Desk Habits 

When used correctly, standing desks offer plenty of positive health benefits, so use these tips to sidestep potential pitfalls.

Here’s Why You Need a CPU Holder for your Office

A CPU holder is a device that lets you suspend your CPU underneath your desk instead of having to place it on the floor. You may be wonder how such a small adjustment can have such a large impact on your overall office space, but that’s the brilliance of this modern design!

Colour Psychology: Choosing the Best Colours for your Workspace

Whether you’ve moved to a new workspace or are just renovating your old one, picking the right colors can make a huge difference.

15 Tips to Burn More Calories

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Why a Gaming Chair is Superior to any Office Chair!

Gaming chairs from Flexispot are customized seats that have been developed with gamers' demands and comfort in mind. 

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Coworking Spaces Do's and Don'ts

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In this article, you will find the 5 ways medication can help you stay focused and productive. 

How to Sit Correctly When Working at a Desk

An office job often requires employees to sit for long hours in front of their desks.

7 Steps to an Effective Office-wide Ergonomic Assessment

Occupational safety regulations are standards set to guarantee that you are safe at your workplace.

Best Desk Bikes For Working From Home

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In this article, you will find out how to keep a good work-life balance when working from home.

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5 Side Hustles You Can Start While Working From Home

 In this article, you will find five side hustles you can start while working from home. 

Standing desk vs Exercise desk

Which is better, a standing desk or an exercise desk and why

6 Ways to Relax after a Day in Your Home Office

How to relax at the end of the day with an activity that breaks your work and home up.

How to Manage Work-Related Stress

It’s not always possible to avoid workplace tension but you could of course manage your stress experience on the job.

6 Ways to Create a Study Area Your Child Will Want to Study in

How to set up a study area that you child will like and enjoy working in?

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How to fight the post-lunch food coma and stay awake and active in the office during the afternoon.  

The Truth about Those Liquids We Drink Throughout the Working Day

The truth behind all those liquids we consume throughout the working day - what’s healthy and what’s not. 

Which is Better? Work from Home vs Work in the Office

Even if you are the most diligent employee in the office, you are still not Perfect.

Ways to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

Ever noticed the surge of energy that you experience as we approach the end of the year?

3 Best Height-Adjustable Desks For Working From Home

Discover the 3 best height-adjustable desk options for working from home.

Comparing Standing Desks and Sitting Desks: Which is Better?

In recent years, many people have switched to using standing desks.

Natural Remedies to Prevent Burnout

Feeling emotionally drained and physically fatigued? Read on to discover the best remedies that can help you avoid burnout.

Is Your Chair Giving You Headaches?

Sitting for long periods in a poor position can give you more than just backache. If you struggle with regular headaches, your chair may be the culprit.

Are Standing Desks Worth the Money?

In this guide, we dig deeper into the facts behind these desks to answer a simple question: are standing desks worth it?

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Dress down Fridays are common office culture. Start your casual Friday the right way with these fashion dos and don’ts.

What is a Shared Workspace and Can It Help You?

Flexible workspaces are becoming more popular as people are realising the benefits. Here is what you need to know about the shared workspace.